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A devotee was carrying Sri VenkataChalapathy, Sri Devi and Sri Bhuma Devi in a sink from Tirupathy.He did pooja for the Goddesses whenever he came across the river banks. When he was crossing by a river, he did pooja as usual for a long time.So, he happened to stay there. Hence he hanged the sink on the branch of a tree which was located near the river.Next day,after finishing all the pooja,he tried to take out the sink from the tree. But he could not remove it.So,he got annoyed. There was a temple called as Sastha temple which was 50ft. away from that place. To carry out the sink from that place, he brought a arcahagar along with him to do poojas. At that time, the God came on him and told the devotee that the God wanted to stay there.Therefore this place was called by the devotee's name. Hence the God Perumal is also called as " KATTANATHAN ".   

                 A blind Jamindhar was living in a place called "Sethur" which was 50 miles away from the Sastha temple.God appeared in the Jamindhar's dream and told him that the God Perumal was on the branch of the tree near the Sastha temple. Moreover, God told that one of his eyes will get cured when he wakes up in the morning and both the eyes will get cured when he comes to the place where the God is. In the morning,as per God told him, the Jamindhar went to that place. He could see the sink which was hanging on the branch of the tree and he noticed a bird called as "Garuda" which was flying around the tree. Thereafter, the Jamindhar asked God to get down from the tree. After seeing God, he decided to build a temple there. But he was not able to take the decision where to build the temple. At that time, when the Archagar came  to Sastha temple to do pooja, God came on him and told that God wanted to be on southern side. Hence the place was called as "Sattur" and the God Called as "Satturappan".

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